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Peter Simoons of Simoons & Company


“With this setup Hans and Max have created a book that the reader will pick up every now and then to find some new tools to keep workshops refreshing. Highly recommendable!”

Peter Mackechnie of Extreme Management Solutions


“This book is packed with some great tools for developing creative thinking either in groups or individually. The book’s well laid out and logical structure makes it easy to navigate and use. The tool selector is particularly helpful as are the examples for each tools application … I’ve used a number of these tools over the past few weeks and I’d recommend this book as an ‘essential’ toolkit item.”

Hans Anneveld of ArtKids on Ecademy/Amazon


“I read the refressing book and I can certainly recommend it. Easy to read and the tools are easy to use. It might be your navigator in problem solving. The navigator in the world between imagination and reason.”

Lucien Meert of Brinley Enterprises Corp. on Ecademy


“Using the tool selector the reader can determine which tool is appropriate for the various components of a creative program.”

Mary Moore of ‘International Languages wit Mary Moore


“Highly recommended for lecturers, teachers, trainers, PR practitioners, journalists, and everyone from all walks of life…”

Marvin Sutherland of Sutherland & Partners on Ecademy


“The book is a great asset. If you would only use 2 exercises a year you’ll have earned the book’s worth. I Highly recommend this book!!”

Patryush Agarwal (Assistant Vice President at JP Morgan Chase) on Ecademy


“A good book”