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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I buy this book?

A: More and more we see that yesterday’s solutions don’t fit anymore to today’s challenges. In an easy way this book helps you to think outside the box and find new ideas to solve your problems.

Q: Who should buy this book?

A: Everyone who is searching for new opportunities and new solutions for old and new problems, employees on every workfloor, business managers, project managers, consultants, facilitators, students and teachers, workers in all kinds of business, … In our opinion this book should be in everybody’s backpack!

Q: Where can I order this interesting book?

A: This book can be ordered at Amazon, iTunes and several other places.

Q: What do I find in the book?

A: The content is:

1. Introduction

2. Communication

3. Facilitation

4. Frame for a creative process

5. The tool selector


6. Tools

5xW and H / Appreciation / Mind Map / Concept Map / Reformulation / Goal orientation / Low hanging fruits / SWOT analysis / Nominal group technique / Process decision program chart (PDPC) / Cause and effect diagram / Flow-chart / Process Map / Checklist / Chain association / Flower association / Classic brainstorming / Brainwriting 6.3.5. / Dynamic brainwriting / Ping-pong brainstorming / Brainlining / The oracle method / Wishful thinking / Alternatives / Presuppositions / The criminal circle / Changing the point of entry / Natural analogy / Personal analogy / Fantastic analogy / Metaphor / Random information / Morphological box / MATEC / Visual stimulation / Poetic stimulation / Provocative sub-division / Provocative questioning / Design method / Clustering / Testing against criteria/list of criteria / Hits / WRA / Resistance table / Influence analysis / PMI / NAA / Elimination race / Solution resistance table / The angel/devil’s advocate / Plan of action

7. Some interesting sources