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Hans Terhurne

Hans Terhurne is a seasoned trainer and facilitator for more than 30 years. He is fascinated by using the brain better in business environments, an approach which utilizes brain capacities through visual mapping. His goal is to help his clients (individuals and groups on management and employee level) to solve organizational items by using creativity tools and especially through visual mapping techniques. Our brains are very good at absorbing processing and remembering information in a visual form, reason why Hans always is looking for new visual thinking applications to solve client issues.

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Max van Leeuwen

Max van Leeuwen has more than twenty solid years exposure in the field of creativity. He is most experienced in working with groups to create ideas and commitments. He works with entrepreneurs and their employees, management teams and other groups in organisations to solve problems or to fulfil wishes. He uses most of the techniques explained in this book and also, thorough research and experimentation, variations or new forms and methods. Main issue in his way of working is to start with the problem given and to end with action, what are we going to do to solve it.

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