It is a good idea to use a standard list of questions during the problem formulation and analysis phases and when drawing up a plan of action.


Answer the following questions:

  • Who?
    Who is involved, who has to implement it?
  • What?
    What is the problem, what has to happen?
  • Where?
    In what situation is it happening, where must the solution be implemented?
  • When?
    How long has the problem already existed, when does it have to be solved by?
  • Why?
    What is the (actual) objective?
  • How?
    How were solutions that have already been tried out formulated, and how does the new solution have to be introduced?


For the last ten years, you have gone jogging with the same group of people three times a week. You now have to organize a party. Work out the details using the questions listed above.

Tips and tricks
• Use a standard mind map with Who, What, etc.
• Also ask the provocative questions “what if?” and “how else?”